Almascaps International FZE began its journey in 2017 in UAE. We have been growing at an exponential pace and currently have clients based out of various countries across the globe. We offer several services related to international trade. Let us be your trusted associate!

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We are involved in financing of structured and fully secured trade transactions. The transactions are secured by Bank instruments, Control over goods, Shipment documents, Credit insurance, Asset Collaterals apart from cash margins.


We are based out of Dubai, UAE making it a central hub and in proximity to Africa and Europe on the west and South eastern countries on the east. It also helps connect to trading partners through all the three mode of transport viz., water, air and roads.

Our Speciality

Almascaps International FZE trades in various construction material such as clinker, white and grey cement, gypsum, bitumen, billets, urea, aluminium scraps and food products like sugar, ferrous & non-ferrous minerals and other agri-products.

Strong Banking Channels in the UAE

The strong banking channel in the UAE eases the process of making the transaction by facilitating with various instruments and transaction facilities thus making it convenient for traders to reach out to their customer base and facilitate trades.

Wide Reach and Network

Our supplies are sourced from different countries such as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc based on cost competitiveness and is exported to India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Africa, etc.


Our transactions are secured through proper documentation and banking instruments with proper structuring of each trade as per client satisfaction.

Variety of Shipping Options

We offer a variety of shipping options from ex-factory to CIF and ensure minimised transaction time.




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Customer success is our top priority!

Reducing transaction completion time​

Identifying and mitigating risks​

Co-ordinating safe delivery of goods

Achieving regulatory compliance

Reducing friction between stakeholders

global trade financing

International Trade is the heart of our business, and
our consultants are the heartbeat

Our Network

Associating with trading houses and corporates for easy, risk-free and structured trading. Dealing with the best.

Expertise in International Trade

Expert consultants going extra mile to make sure that you get your peace of mind.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Identifying and Mitigating risks to make sure that your trade is safe.


“We have been associated with Almascaps International FZE for more than a year and are doing multiple trades with utmost trust and comfort. They have always helped in proper structuring of trade deals and eliminate any risk that might have been a barrier.”​
-Faiz Beg
Octagone International FZE
“Our partnership with Almascaps International FZE has been quite fruitful. They have supported us in completing many shipments even in adverse conditions through their dedication and skilful approach.”​
-Anuraag Mishra
Argus Freight Management Pvt Ltd

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